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Our Mission

Our mission is to evaluate each person's oral health and offer recommendations.  Many times we are able to offer more than one treatment option that is affordable and will serve to maintain a healthy dentition.  We strive to help you maintain your oral health and to provide quality dental care.

We appreciate your selection of this office to serve your dental needs.  Our desire is to assist you with your dental problems.  We hope that this information will provide some answers to routine questions about our practice.

Our dental care is general in scope, but each dentist has special interest areas.  Although each dentist cares for his own patients, one of us is available when the others are not.  Should you have a problem that requires immediate attention and your dentist is not available you may be asked to see the dentist on call.

Patients are seen by appointment.  Outside of regular business hours, if you call the office and leave a message, the doctor on call will automatically be paged.

If you make an appointment and are unable to keep it, please call us 24 hours in advance so that we may cancel it and use the time for other patients.  A charge will be made for appointments broken without 24 hours advance notice.

-Payment is due on the day of service.  Insurance co-pays and deductibles will be due at the time of service.
-For patients who are covered by dental insurance plans, please bring your insurance card or information so we can assist in providing treatment information to your carrier
-Patients with treatment plans involving lab expenses will be required to pay 1/2 down at the first appointment and the balance at the completion of the treatment.
-For fees of $100 or greater and the payment in-full is made in cash on the date of the service, patients will receive a 5% discount.
-We accept the following credit and debit cards: Mastercard, Visa and Discover.
-Balances over 30 days will be charged 1.5%(18% per annum)
-Only after ample notification, delinquent accounts will be referred to small claims court.
-Our services and charges are the same for all patients, regardless of whether they are covered by insurance.  should any questions arise concerning the amount to be paid by the insurance carrier for a particular service, then the patient should contact the carrier or the agent at your place of employment.  We will be happy to provide pertinent information requested by the carrier.
-In other words, we are responsible to the patient, and the patient is responsible to us-the insurance carrier is responsible to the patient.

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